"We consult where the challenge is big and the outcome transformational"

Specialist Knowledge

– We are focused experts


– We can tailor services to your needs

Personal Attention

– We serve you, not just the project


– We can be trusted to be honest and act fairly

Industry Knowledge

– Members of professional institutions

Strategic Thinkers

– We critically analyze, anticipate and mitigate

We Care

– We treat your business as though it’s ours

We Have Fun

– And we do our best to make sure you do to

Often when meeting new people, I’m asked ”What does a hospitality consultants do?” For me, that’s a simple and yet complicated question.

By definition, a hospitality consultant is someone who works with members of the hospitality industry to start, improve, or renovate businesses. 

We believe in helping people realize their creative vision for their hospitality business. Specifically, our work culture allows us to achieve greater results from passionate people working together. This approach makes us more flexible, creative, and fun to work with. A lot of people have a sense of what they would like their space or business to look and run like, but they are not sure how to get there.  We have a team of professional staff with a wealth of expertise and experience to advise and guide you along the way in all the micro-decisions, to ensure that your back-of-the-envelope sketch materializes into a well-executed reality. We also give creative insight to what works best for your brand.

​Clients with new establishments use our services to obtain advice regarding suppliers, marketing strategies, in-house management and training programs etc. We also have the expertise to assist with the implementation of services which include the compilation of menus, room costing, as well as staff recruitment and training. Our work includes consulting on and creating marketing campaigns, online presence, and website development. We attend consumer shows for clients; manage their Facebook pages and help clients manage their online reputation. We consult, advise, and partner with businesses that want to make a difference; and co-create meaningful programs, products, and services, that impact, challenge, and improve user experiences across the hospitality and work-space categories. We WILL fill the gaps.

We believe in close management throughout the process, ensuring care is taken in every detail and no short cuts are attempted. We believe in spaces and essential guidance that are tailored to suit not only your aesthetic, but serve your needs going far into the future. We believe this is what builds the trust that is the foundation to long-term relationships with our clients.



  • Hospitality Business Consulting & Coaching services include: ​

  • Consulting/Coaching on a one to one basis for the business owner or manager

  • Staff Training from front of house to kitchen

  • Manuals and Systems Implementation

  • Standard Operating Procedure Implementation

  • Menu Design and Costing

  • Strategically thinking training

  • Keep focused and be accountable

  • Deal with challenges immediately

  • Set practical goals

  • Develop a solid business plan

  • Be more creative in your business

  • Better Stock Control

  • Supplier Issues

  • Marketing

  • Hands on Training Approach

  • HR related issues 

  • Recruitment

  • How common is common sense

  • Train your employees to be multi skilled

So what is a hospitality consultant? A hospitality professional with years of experience who can bring expertise and knowledge to a project or to an organization without adding to the payroll. A consultant works on a specific project for a specific time or on an ongoing basis for a specific task. The hospitality consulting professional needs no company training and are productive from day one. Would your property or destination marketing association benefit from our services? We would love to hear from you. Get in 




Success in hospitality starts with you.  Because your team looks to you for leadership.  And if you're not leading effectively, your customers won't stick around and neither will your suppliers.  Our hospitality business coaching experts will help you get your house in order.

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